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This Blog is semi-open.
Because the most entrys are very personal
or confessions of a broken heart

But don't be shy.
When you'll be my friend, just comment and ask.
I didn't bite... well.. not everytime^^

A long time ago

Ich mach mich rar hier, oder???
Wenn ich Zeit hab sollte ich mei LJ mal wieder auf Fordermann bringen....
Ich hab in letzter Zeit wieder Lust Dinge aufzuschreiben, was ich aber meistens auf englisch bei Blogger mach....

Ich warte immer noch auf die Ergebnisse meiner ZP.....
Dat kann noch dauern... fürchte ich......
I love coffee

Fallen Angel

At one of the last days this year Christina and I made a "Fallen Angel" Shooting.
It was so cold. After a half hour we went home, because we didn't fell our feets @.@
But the photos are very good!
Fallen Angel Nayla
Fallen Angel III Fallen Angel II

After a tasty caramel cappuchino we made a promo shooting for Jewellerys. Because we both try to get a job for a Jewellery Shop in our neigbour town.
Perls 2007
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Frankfurt Christmas Markt

Yesterday I went with Christina and Leila to Frankfurt.
We had a great and funny day. Get the last christmas presents for our families and take a short fotoshooting.
What you don't know
Haunted Heart

The christmas market was great. We eaten too much chocolat fruits. But they were so delicious XD
Du bist der Größte

And we found so nice Jewellerys. I bought a moonstone ring. It looks very old.

In Frankfurt are 2 roundabouts. one with wonderful old looking horses. So Leila and I get riding a horse, while Tina photographs us and the roundabout.
wild horses
After this us was so cold and we go to a Subway for eat. After this we take a train to Giessen and bought there some Jewellerys in a Shop. Then we went home.
I love coffee

Christmas Market

Yesterday my parents and I went to Erbach and Michelstadt in Odenwald. There we visit the christmas markets. At the christmas market in Erbach was a fireshow. I was sad, because I couldn't photograph them.

But here are 2 potos from Erbach.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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some news

I wasn't here for a long time.
So Sorry, if I didn't read and comment your entrys.
Im everyday at DeviantART.
And I have a new Blog for my photography news.

Im busy at the moment, cause of my job, school and photoshootings...
I'm getting a own photo-studio in our cellar. So I can do photographys all the year!

During the next times I will make a new design for my website.
It's a lot of work and I just playing with some things and trying out some thing...
At the moment you can only see old photos there.

Yesterday I made the christmas decoration for my mother.
christmas time
You can see more photos at my DeviantART Gallery